Dan Small hooked into the blogging craze in late 2003 at the urging of a persistant fellow OWAA member, who Dan refers to as, “…my web guru“. Frankly, before the web-guru mentioned blogging, Dan never even heard of it – let alone wanted to do it. But once begun, Dan quickly came to see blogging’s power and potential.

Now, he, like so many other new and experienced bloggers find, making the time in an already busy schedule to do another thing … well, it’s a real juggling act! Familiarizing old habits with new tools and new concepts in reporting and communicating, it takes a time – hand-on – at the learning curve.

Many simply give up, but Dan’s no quitter.

So, even though his blogging has been a ‘bit dry’ of late – due mostly to his changing from his previous blog tool to WordPress – he is back at the wheel and headed to new Blog The Road adventures.

With this new blogging tool (WordPress), Dan will have an easier time of getting his ‘regular posting’ of information to his audience. It should also be easier for the readers to use, navigate, subscribe, blog and pass-along as well.

Please feel free – yes, Dan encourages you!! – to comment on his posts. He really does want to hear what his readers have to say. Dan understands that blogging is a conversation – not a lecture. He puts forth a suggested topic in his writing, but looks for the comments by his readers to carry and continue to direct the main flow of conversation. So, please – by all means – have at it!

Come join Dan as he hits the road and reports the events of his meanders and point-to-point travels about Wisconsin and the rest of our wide and wonderful world of the outdoors.

Editors: Blog The Road


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