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This week on Outdoors Radio Show No. 506, Jeff Greco demonstrates his new iPhone app that helps ID animal tracks. You can preview it or buy it on his site, (, or you might get lucky and win one – listen to Show 506 (, then call 414-297-7554 anytime before 4:00 p.m. CST on Monday, Feb. 9, to enter the drawing for a free copy of the app. Just leave your name, phone number and the words "animal track app" and you'll be entered in the drawing.

Jeff's app is handy for identifying 43 species of animals commonly found in North America. The app features track drawings, photos of actual tracks, photos of the animals and in most cases, an audio recording of the animal's call. You'll also learn how to make a plaster cast of animal tracks.

Late winter is the perfect time to get out and do some tracking. Here in Wisconsin, we have a solid layer of old snow topped by a dusting of new snow, which creates ideal conditions for tracking smaller animals, like rabbits, foxes, even mice. Our black bears are all hibernating in dens this time of year, but if we get a thaw, sometimes they come out and wander around, then crawl back into their den to sleep again until spring. The Mid-Atlantic is getting hammered with snow right now, but once that settles, there will be all kinds of tracks to follow. If you don't have snow, look for tracks in mud or sand along creeks and rivers. Tom Brown, Jr. claims he can track a mouse across a gravel driveway. How sharp are your tracking skills?


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