Deer quest continues!

Different place, different strategy today. Hunted in Town of Saukville with Bill Worth and Charlie and Gail Thon and a TV crew of Jose Lozano and Jeff Moorbeck. Light snow covered the ground as we made our way to our stands this morning. We sat at four strategic locations in a small woodlot until 8:00, then Bill walked out and made a big swing through thick brush and pushed out two does that didn’t follow the game plan. Instead of staying in the ribbon of cover leading to the woods and our waiting guns, they cut across the field within sight but just out of range of Gail, who reported their escape to the rest of us. The rest of Bill’s one-man drive netted nothing, so we spent an hour taping scenes of hunters doing what hunters mostly do – sitting and waiting. Then it was lunch at Bublitz’s in Saukville. Every time I pass Blau’s Saukville Meats during deer season, I am reminded that I haven’t dropped off a deer there yet.

The way things are going, I’ll have to pick up a road kill like I did last year!

We’re hunting the same plan again tomorrow, adding Jerry Kiesow, an avowed smokepoler, and perhaps one or two other hunters.



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